Jesus Changes Everything – Luke 23

I’ve read through this many times. I’ve performed this scene in “The Rock & The Rabbi” hundreds of times. I’ve heard many sermons in my 40+ years on this earth. I finally got up the courage to watch “The Passion” a few months ago.

The entire spectrum of emotion goes through my mind each time. But, the bottom line is – if Jesus didn’t come and suffer like He did, where would we be now? As Jesus Himself said, it had to happen this way. He knew it from the beginning (He’s God, remember?). So, no matter what we think of the Jews of that time or what we think of the religious leaders, we must remember we all had a part. Jesus died not only for the sins of those who died before He came to the earth, not only for those alive during His time on earth, but also for those who had yet to be born – including US and our children – and their children, etc.

As I read the chapter this morning, I noticed verse 12:

12 Herod and Pilate, who had been enemies before,became friends that day.

Jesus changes everything. I wonder how many other things changed on that day that are not recorded in our Bible. How many things in the cosmos? How many things in the sea? How many things in Heaven & Hell?

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