We’ve Got The Power! – Matthew 8

Here you are, a new “recruit” in the band of brothers that Jesus called his disciples. You’re wandering around with Jesus, not really knowing what to expect. You come across people with leprosy, and Jesus heals them. A Roman officer comes up to your group and asks Jesus to heal his servant; Jesus makes this big deal out of this guy’s faith and the servant is healed.

Later, you head to Pete’s house and find his mom sick – Jesus heals her (which is good because she gets right up and prepares a meal).

You see all kinds of people who have gathered outside Pete’s house get healed.

You see Jesus calm a terrible storm.

You see Jesus cast demons out of two men.

And – that’s just what’s written about…

These guys got to see all this happen with their own eyes. And yet, they still screwed up – they doubted – they ran and hid – they denied they even knew Him.

Somehow, this gives me comfort when I doubt or when I fail. Today, we don’t have Jesus physically here with us. But, we do have the power of God in the Holy Spirit living inside us – guiding, prompting, convicting, encouraging and comforting. Today’s reading reminds me to tap into that power.


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