Hypocrites, Snakes, Sons of Vipers, Oh My! – Matthew 23

Oh to have been a fly on the wall during this conversation. Jesus holds no punches as He put the religious leaders in their place. How many times does He call them hypocrites? How many times does He say, “how terrible it will be for you”?

It occurs to me that Jesus came into this world and “hung out” with the rejects – the sinners, tax collectors, harlots, drunks, and the like. He had compassion for them. He helped the sick and the lame, the leper and the blind. Those that had “issues” where the friends of Jesus.

But, when it came to these religious leaders – where was the compassion? Where was the concern for their salvation? Why was Jesus so harsh with His treatment of these people? Doesn’t God want everyone to be saved?

Obviously, these people had chosen to rebel and commit the unforgivable sin – an unrepentant heart. They had been turned over to their own wicked ways. They could no longer be reached. Jesus spent much of his energy putting them in their place (probably in front of others for their benefit) in no uncertain terms, because these are the people working against Jesus. The religious leaders were being used by the enemy to tear down what Jesus was trying to accomplish.

Why did God give us this chapter? It has shown me what’s most important. It’s not about us and our abilities. It’s not about how we look on the outside. It’s not about the law. Jesus is teaching us that what is important is to have a servant heart. We’re back in Kansas and it’s time to stop dreaming!

11 The greatest among you must be a servant. 12 But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Soften my heart, Lord, so that I can be used by You today.


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