The Sabbath – Mark 2

I’m still intrigued by the story of the 4 friends who, when they could not get to Jesus inside the home due to the crowds, went up on the roof, broke through and lowered their friend into the house. I’ve always admired the faith of these 4 friends. Jesus appreciated it, and honored their faith by healing their friend. How good it is to have close friends.

Another thing that caught my attention in this chapter is where, in verses 23-28, we learn about the Sabbath. Every time this comes up in my reading, I realize (again) the importance of rest. We’ve discussed this at length before, but it bears repeating. I particularly like verse 27:

27 Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made to benefit people, and not people to benefit the Sabbath.”

The Pharisees turned honoring the Sabbath around into a way to boast about their piety and brag about how spectacular they are because of how they obey the law. They had no clue. In this case, the Sabbath was never intended to ban people from eating. But, when the disciples were walking through a wheat field, they broke off some for an afternoon snack. The Pharisees began complaining and accusing the disciples of breaking the Sabbath law (what, were they just following the disciples around waiting for them to break the law?). Jesus ended the conversation with verse 28:

28 And I, the Son of Man, am master even of the Sabbath!”

Yes! And You are master of everything. Bless the reading of your Word today, Lord.


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