What a night – Mark 14

As I read the chapter this morning, I couldn’t help feeling how awful everyone must have felt. They were celebrating the Passover feast, but this was no celebration.

First, Jesus tells everyone at the feast that one of them is going to betray Him. Talk about a joy killer…betray Jesus? Is it me? Who is it? The mood must have been very somber.

Then, Jesus tells Peter later that night that he is going to deny Jesus three times. Me? Oh, no Jesus, not me – I’d follow You to prison or to death! Peter must have felt awful.

Then, the disciples – even they stayed all night many times fishing – couldn’t stay awake an hour watching and praying when Jesus needed them most. Ya think they felt a bit guilty?

Then it all began – Judas bringing the mob armed with swords and clubs to find Jesus, the struggle with Peter trying to take the head off of one of the soldiers.

This was the night that changed the world forever. It must have been so intense. I wonder if I would have tried to just get out of dodge like the other disciples. Who am I kidding? I get panicked when seemingly small things go wrong in my life. But, I hope I’m getting stronger.

Still, it’s so good to know that even these disciples who weren’t there for Jesus in those crucial moments, who denied they knew Him, were still loved and adored by Jesus when He was raised from the dead.

That’s my hope today! Even in spite of my failures and short-comings, there is someone who’s love will never faulter or waiver. That’s the reason I love Him!


  1. #1 by Donny Prater on March 13, 2006 - 11:17 am

    Awesome! I love him too and his grace is sufficient for even me! We serve an awesome God! Thanks for the inspiration brother, Donny

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