If Not You Then Who? – Exodus 5

Did any of you catch “The Ten Commandments” on ABC last night? I watched the 2nd hour. What? Did you think I was going to give up watching “24” for even one stinking night? NO WAY! Okay, the acting in the 10C was a bit hokey and I did miss the first part. But, from what I saw it seemed fairly accurate. I’m recording both nights so I can watch the whole thing later. Still, it’s just not the same without Charlton Heston!

Exodus 5
Try to imagine if your kids came to you and you asked them to do something that would either cause discomfort or some kind of sacrifice (giving their toys to needy children, or hard-earned money to a missionary, for example). Would you want them to argue with you and try to give you reasons why they should not comply? Or, would you rather see them cheerfully and willingly trust you that they will be blessed?

Reading this chapter (and waching the show last night) really makes me feel bad for Moses. What a difficult position he’s been put in. God tells him that he’ll be the one to free the children of Israel. God tells him to go to Pharaoh and ask for a 3-day pass into the wilderness. Moses goes to Pharaoh (certainly not completely willingly) and, as you would expect, the king does not “share the vision.” In fact, he increases the hardship for the slaves:

17 But Pharaoh replied, “You’re just lazy! You obviously don’t have enough to do. If you did, you wouldn’t be saying, ‘Let us go, so we can offer sacrifices to the LORD.’ 18 Now, get back to work! No straw will be given to you, but you must still deliver the regular quota of bricks.”

This makes Moses a very unpopular person. How would you react in this situation? Have you ever been made to suffer because of something God asked you to do? Perhaps you’ve had to sacrifice time with your family to lead a Bible study. Perhaps you’ve had to get up early to read your chapter. Perhaps you’ve been mocked at work because of your stance on certain subjects.

Fortunately, we know how the Moses story turns out and, just like in your life, God is faithful. He won’t put things on us that we can’t handle. Even though we don’t understand the reasons at the moment, we can trust Him that He’s in control and He will work it out. Think about this – if Moses had said “no” how then could God’s chosen be set free?

If not you, then who?


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