The Tabernacle – Exodus 25-27

Chapters 25 through 31 give us God’s explicit instructions for the building of the Tabernacle.

The first thing I found interesting is that all the materials for the building of the Tabernacle and the various furniture and items in the Tabernacle were provided by voluntary contributions of the people. All the various items on God’s shopping list were donated as needed (and then some – see Chapter 36:5-7). That was then. What about now? Where is the Tabernacle today? Where is God’s list? Who provides those items?

As I continued to read about the Tabernacle and the various items, I was a bit overwhelmed by the specificity [I love that word. Lawyers seem to love that word.] of all the instructions. But, did you know there are no less than fifty chapters in the Bible that report instructions concerning the tabernacle? Before Jesus, this was the one place where God met with His people. It had to be just so. It was the only way to God.

Praise God that today, because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we approach God through the blood of Jesus. The tabernacle is us! He lives in us.

Although I get a bit bogged down with all the laborious descriptions and detail in these chapters, it spoke to me about the preparation of my “tabernacle.” If so much concern was given back then to the exact appearance and location of the furniture, the construct and dimensions of the items, and the careful routine of the High Priest and the worshippers, shouldn’t we be more concerned about our “tabernacle?”

As I thought through this, heath issues came to mind. Are we eating properly? Do we fill our “tabernacles” with harmful substances? Do we exercise? What about spiritual conditioning? Are we attending corporate worship and fellowship with other believers? Are we building our faith by reading His Word? What do we fill our minds with: TV? talk radio? Are we exercising our faith by discipling others? Do we help in the building of other “tabernacles” around us?

These are the things God brings to my mind this morning – and most are for me. Perhaps there are other things God would like for you to be concerned with for your “tabernacle.”

Any other thoughts?


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