Our High Priest – Exodus 28

As we read through Exodus, many of you have commented that it’s getting a bit more difficult to dig out something practical for today. The first time through, I felt the same thing about this chapter.

As I prayed and tried to dig a little deeper, it occured to me that God was showing the people how to worship Him. He prescribed the setting apart. He prescribed the clothing, the ephod, chestpiece, and robe of the ephod in exquisite detail. These ministers were to oversee the daily operations of the Tabernacle. These people were to help the children of Israel come to God (worship leaders?).

Then, Aaron was the High Priest, in charge of all the priests and Levites. Today, we have Jesus as our High Priest, and the daily animal sacrifices were eliminated because of Jesus’ once-and-for-all sacrifice.

But, we still have people that lead us into the presence of God. We need ministers and lay-leaders who have been equiped with gifts from God to lead us into the presence of God. Although the very detailed descriptions of the garmets are not needed for today’s ministers (some wear robes, some wear suits, others wear shorts & sandals), God has prescribed the preparation of the heart.

I found the description of the Urim and Thummim (meaning “curses” and “perfections”) quite interesting. These are a kind of precious stone which the priest used to determine God’s will in specific matters. How nice would it be to cast lots to determine if God wanted us to do something or not.

Again, our High Priest today is Jesus Christ, Himself. We can go directly to God in prayer through Jesus and ask Him to show us His will. Not as easy as throwing dice, that’s true. But, it requires us to stop and listen for His voice. It requires a relationship with Him. The more time we spend with Him, the easier it gets.

That’s the encouragement for today. Do you know your High Priest? Spend time listening for His voice today. I know I need to…


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