Happy 100th Anniversary!

Have some cake!

Wow, according to my records, this is my 100th posting on GraceWalk (not that I’m counting or anything). Wow. Okay, I admit it’s not that newsworthy, but you only get this opportunity once. So – here it is.

Thanks for hanging with me. I encourage you to read along with me – not just my thoughts, but God’s Word (I don’t have anything of value to say, I’m just telling what God has shown me).

As I’ve stated before, I never had the discipline to read the Word every day, but I so wanted to. I knew the benefits and I knew I should, but I wasn’t strong enough. I’d try it for a while, but after a few days or a few weeks, I’d be back to wishin’. It wasn’t until a good friend suggested we become accountable to each other via email that I even attempted something like this.

That was over 2 years ago now, and I’ve read through the entire NT and several books in the OT (I think I & II Samuel are my favorites still). Well, it changed my life so much that I told a few close friends. They started accountability groups and told their family and friends. They told their family and friends, etc.

What started out as accountability between a few friends has become a significant number of new daily-Bible-reading blogs and dozens of what I call “dBrags” (see dBrag.org for more info) across this country and the world. I have my friends to thank and my Lord.

Sure, I still miss a day here and there, but I can certainly tell when I haven’t had my time with God. I miss it. Wow…I never thought I’d hear myself say that. And, I still have issues and God’s got lots of work to do, but I’m grateful for my new habbit. I just wish this would have happened a few years earlier…

Lord, Your Word is amazing. Send forth Your Word, Lord. Use me any way You can.


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