Take the Land – Joshua 18

As all the land is nearly divied up, there are still some tribes that have yet to take possession of their property.

2 But there remained seven tribes who had not yet been allotted their inheritance. 3 Then Joshua asked them, “How long are you going to wait before taking possession of the remaining land the LORD, the God of your ancestors, has given to you?

Finally, after about a year (from what I can tell in my studies), Joshua grows tired of their inaction and tells them what to do. His reproof in verse 3 makes it clear that they had become complacent. Joshua was determined to see what God commanded him to do be carried out, so he gives these instructions:

4 Select three men from each tribe, and I will send them out to survey the unconquered territory. They will return to me with a written report of their proposed divisions of the inheritance. 5 The scouts will map the land into seven sections, excluding Judah’s territory in the south and Joseph’s territory in the north. 6 Then I will cast sacred lots in the presence of the LORD our God to decide which section will be assigned to each tribe.

Apparently, these last few tribes had become comfortable with things the way they were. Perhaps they preferred the life of a nomad, perhaps they were reluctant to go back to war, but for whatever reason they had not yet claimed their inheritance.

The encouragement from this chapter is to take action – to Take The Land! As heirs of Jesus Christ we’ve been given so much inheritance. However, we must hear God and act according to what He has told us to do. Today, God is telling you (me) to get off your lazy butt and get back into the game. Consider what’s really important. It’s too easy to get distracted with all the busyness of the day.

Has God given you dreams? Is there something you know He would have you to do for ministry or for a career, but you’ve stalled out? It may take a commitment to reading His Word every day. It may take fervent prayer. It may take fasting. But He wants us to complete our part of the deal before He can pour out His blessings. It’s not easy, but look at the reward!


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