The Oath – Nehemiah 10

Chapter 10 of Nehemiah describes the extensive oath the children of Israel make before God, under the leadership of Nehi. It describes what the Jewish nation promise to fulfill the law given to them, including carefully obeying the law and the acceptance of God’s curse if they failed. It also included promises about not intermarrying, honoring the Sabbath and tithes and offerings.

This covenant was brought forth to God by signing a formal document before Him, rather than how it was done in the past with sacrifice and sprinkling with blood.

This chapter got me wondering how we would fare if this kind of covenant were required today. What if we had to sign such a document before joining a church or even becoming a Christian?

There remains much debate about honoring these pre-Christ laws, and this is not the place for such heavily controversial topics. The bottom line is: I’m thankful for God’s mercy and grace. Today, we are led by the Holy Spirit concerning our sins, confession, and what we do with our time and treasure and talent.

Lord, I want to honor you with my time, treasure and talent. Thank you for the example of Nehemiah and how he led his people to understand your Law and how he boldly led them back into submission. Help us encourage those in our spheres of influence to do the same.


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