A Matter of Trust – Ruth 3

The timing is good for me to be reading about Ruth.

Consider Ruth and Naomi’s situation. Through no fault of their own, they have been thrust upon poverty. First Naomi’s husband died, then her sons, one of which was Ruth’s husband. With no one to support them, they set off to Naomi’s homeland seeking assistance – not knowing what they’d find. They come across a kind man, Boaz, who allows them to get food from his excess.

Now in chapter 3, Naomi sees an opportunity for her daughter-in-law to escape the poverty they find themselves in and marry this man who has shown such kindness and gives her a plan. Ruth follows Naomi’s advice and Boaz, seeing the same opportunity but knowing that there are obstacles involved, sets out to make it happen.

In trying to apply this to my life, I look at Boaz as a God-figure. In this case, he has the answers to Ruth’s poverty. He has property, wealth, provisions – everything to meet Ruth’s needs. Ruth can only follow her heart and the wisdom of those around her. All she can do is wait and trust.

When things are out of your control and you have sought wisdom from God and in Christians around you – you can only give it to God and wait and trust in Him.

However – we must be careful who we trust. Who are you trusting? Your friends? Your co-workers? Your attorney? Yourself?

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the story – just wait until tomorrow when we see what happens when Boaz returns from the meeting…


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