The Right Place / The Right Purpose – Esther 8

This chapter is all about how Esther & Mordy received blessing. Not only was the evil Haman hanged on the very gallows he ordered built for Mordy, but Mordy was given authority of all of Haman’s estate. Remember, Haman was PM – second most powerful man in the kingdom.

Furthermore, the king must have really trusted these two because when Queen Esther asked for Haman’s law (allowing the extermination of all Jews on a particular day) to be reversed, the king simply said to go ahead and write your own law and, here – take my signet ring and seal it – that way it can never be reversed.

Imagine that freedom. Mordy and the Queen can write their own law!

There is justice. Not only did Mordy get rewarded as a result of Ester being in the right place for the right purpose, but now the Jewish nation is legally able to defend themselves throughout all the land if they’re ever attacked – having much more long-term effects than just reversing Haman’s evil plan.

So where does God have you right now? Are you in “such a place as this” for a special purpose? Esther just thought she was beautiful and that’s how she ended up as the Queen. But, as we see now, there was much more to it.

Do you hate your job but can’t seem to get out?
Do you want to move from your current neighborhood but can’t seem to arrange it?

Perhaps God has you where you are “for such a time as this.”


  1. #1 by shellbelle on January 29, 2008 - 3:14 pm

    Thank you for the end of this post. It really hits home right now.

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