Bold & Gutsy – Psalms 26

In this Psalm, David is putting himself on trial before God. The end result is to declare his innocence before God and to bring about relief to his conscience.

Look at the things David declares:

  • I have lived according to Your truth
  • I don’t spend time with liars
  • I don’t go along with hypocrites
  • I hate the gatherings of evil people
  • I refuse to join in with the wicked

Clearly, this is not about salvation because these are all things David has done – not what Christ has done. We know that no one can live a life that is perfect and merits eternity in God’s presence without Christ’s sacrifice on the cross (Romans 3:23, Ephesians 2:8,9).

David is asking God to test his motives and his affections. I see this chapter as a love song to God. First, he declares his loyalty and obedience to the King, then he sings of his thankfulness and love for the King. Finally, he asks the King for protection and His mercy.

If you’re like me, this came across as kind of bold and gutsy. Who would declare all these things about themselves to God? Well, as I’ve said before, there is a reason for this Psalm to be in the Bible. There’s something here for us to glean for today. Could this be a message for us to declare an account for all the good things we’ve done for God? Could it be that we’re to publically encourage one another on to good deeds?

Something to think about…


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