God’s Got Your Back – Isaiah 18

God’s ProtectionGod is faithful and in control. That’s what I get from today’s reading in chapter 18 of Isaiah:

3 When I raise my battle flag on the mountain, let all the world take notice. When I blow the trumpet, listen! 4 For the LORD has told me this: “I will watch quietly from my dwelling place – as quietly as the heat rises on a summer day, or as the dew forms on an autumn morning during the harvest.” 5 Even before you begin your attack, while your plans are ripening like grapes, the LORD will cut you off as though with pruning shears. He will snip your spreading branches.

God delivered this message to the nation of Israel through the prophet Isaiah. There is some question as to which enemy this chapter refers to, even though some translations (NLT, for example) say it’s Ethiopia.

The point is that God will protect His people. This must have stirred up confidence and comfort to Israel, as it should for us today. I’m reminded of the passage in Isaiah 54:17a:

17 But in that coming day, no weapon turned against you will succeed. (NLT)

Be bold, warriors, for God’s got your back!


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