Egyptians: Walk like a Hebrew! – Isaiah 19

Walk Like An EgyptianToday’s reading is about God’s message to the nation of Egypt through the prophet Isaiah. The chapter is basically in two parts: one describes the terrible judgement that is about to come upon the people of Egypt and the other describes Egypt’s turning to God.

Isn’t it interesting to consider how God would tell them that they’re about to receive a terrible judgement, only to turn their eyes off their idols and on to Him. He even went as far as to day they will even speak the Hebrew language. This is somewhat remarkable since the Egyptians were a very advanced culture in linguistics.

18 In that day five of Egypt’s cities will follow the LORD Almighty. They will even begin to speak the Hebrew language.

I know several times in my life where I had taken my eyes of the Lord and began to depend upon myself for everything. Suddenly, everything fell apart and my world caved in. I lost everything, causing this stuborn heart to turn back to God. However, each time, this resulted in a deeper, much more intimate relationship with Him. That’s all He wants with each of us. That’s all He wanted from the Egyptians:

22 The LORD will strike Egypt in a way that will bring healing. For the Egyptians will turn to the LORD, and he will listen to their pleas and heal them.

Thank You, Lord, for how You love each of us. You love us too much to just leave us alone in our wicked ways. Thank You how you lovingly intervene just when we need it most and demonstrate our need for You and Your love for us. Praise Your Holy Name!


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