Some Trust In Chariots – Isaiah 31

Some Trust in Chariots

As humans it’s so easy to rely upon ourselves. Throughout history, people have gone in cycles, depending upon God until they get back on their feet, then slowly drifting from God until they end up flat on their face again.Certainly the book of Isaiah is packed full of examples of this cycle. In verse 1 of today’s chapter is the famous reference to trusting in chariots:

1 Destruction is certain for those who look to Egypt for help, trusting their cavalry and chariots instead of looking to the LORD, the Holy One of Israel.

In my own life, I struggle with the cycle. I try to depend upon Him in the good times and the bad. I try to praise Him through the difficult times and the times of blessing.

Why is it such a struggle?

I suppose our flesh, which has a goal of death, is something we, as spiritual beings, will always struggle with. That’s why He calls us to die to ourselves daily by taking up our cross and following Him. I’ve found that a good place to start is in the morning.

How do you start your day? I used to sleep until the last possible minute, then rush around to leave on time. Once I got to work, it was rush around some more until some time later in the day, after I’ve had a difficult day, I realized that I never even thought of my God.

I’m finding that my new routine, getting up just a bit earlier, taking just a few minutes to talk to Him and read a chapter in His Word, makes a world of difference. There are still trials and difficult times, but knowing that He is with me, I no longer have to trust in my own chariots and calvary – for the Lord is with me!


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