The Harder They Fall – Isaiah 37

The Harder They FallKing Sennacherib of Assyria has a problem. Based on his previous experience slaughtering nations and throwing gods into the fire, he thinks he can do the same with Israel and the one true God. Look at the letter he sent to Hezekiah:

10 “This message is for King Hezekiah of Judah. Don’t let this God you trust deceive you with promises that Jerusalem will not be captured by the king of Assyria. 11 You know perfectly well what the kings of Assyria have done wherever they have gone. They have crushed everyone who stood in their way! Why should you be any different? 12 Have the gods of other nations rescued them – such nations as Gozan, Haran, Rezeph, and the people of Eden who were in Tel-assar? The former kings of Assyria destroyed them all! 13 What happened to the king of Hamath and the king of Arpad? What happened to the kings of Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivvah?”

As frightening as the Assyrian army was, God promised to deliver Hezekiah and the people of Judah and Jerusalem from the attack. When the army came, the angel of the Lord slew 185,000 of the army while they slept. As prophesied by Isaiah in verse 34, the king returned to his own land after that and was killed by his own sons:

37 Then King Sennacherib of Assyria broke camp and returned to his own land. He went home to his capital of Nineveh and stayed there. 38 One day while he was worshiping in the temple of his god Nisroch, his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer killed him with their swords. They then escaped to the land of Ararat, and another son, Esarhaddon, became the next king of Assyria.

Sounds like a good movie, huh? Perhaps this will be next in line after “One Night With the King” (which is the story of Queen Esther).

The encouragement for me today is that no matter how frightening the enemy appears, or what caused the attack (remember God punished the children of Israel for their disobedience), God can rescue us from ANYTHING if we turn back to Him and ask.

What enemies are you facing today? What giants or powerful armies come against you? Health issues? Finances? Relationships? All those can seem huge like King Sennacherib of Assyria. But God is big enough. Turn to Him. Ask Him for help in your time of seige. He will make a way.


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