Attention to Detail – Exodus 37-39:41

Attention to Detail - Exodus 37-39:41As I read through these passages again, I’m amazed at the detail that goes into each of the items that are to be used inside the Temple. Each one has such special significance and meaning, even the materials each item is made of has special significance.

There is such detail given as to exactly how these things were to be formed: the Ark of the Covenant (which would house the Ten Commandments), the Table, the Lampstand, the Incense Altar, the Altar of Burnt Offering, the Washbasin.

Even the clothes the priests would wear were painstakingly created according to the plan God gave Moses.

I’m once again reminded that we are now the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Our physical bodies were also prescribed in exquisite detail before we were formed in our mothers’ wombs. God knows every cell, every fiber, every speck and imperfection and has formed them to make each of us function as a part of the whole body of Christ.

Look at Matthew chapter 10:

30 And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.

He knows us down to the microscopic level – better than we even know ourselves. We have been formed for specific tasks and specific responsibilities that our unique combination of materials can perform like no other.

Our personalities have also been shaped from our experiences – from the people that God has placed in our lives (and those that the enemy has put there as well, who God can turn around and use for our benefit as well) so that our unique combination of gifts and experiences can perform like no other.

Make no mistake – He knows you. He is not embarassed by you. You are valuable – no matter what your past, your mistakes, your failures – these have all contributed to making You what God has intended.

“God couldn’t use me – look what I’ve done.” That is a lie.

“He can use me, but because of my past, I’m less effective.” That is also a lie.

Perhaps you’re not who you’re going to be, but that does not discourage God. Nothing you have done can disuade Him from loving you and putting your unique combination of “materials” and experiences to good use – to glorify Himself.

I encourage you to find the Moses in your life…that person who God has given the plan to gather specific materials to be used in God’s house. Perhaps it’s a pastor or minister at a local church where you need to be serving. Ask God to show you. He will…


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