Gentle Words – Proverbs 15

Gentle Words - Proverbs 15

Is it me or is this world becoming more and more angry? I know I don’t live out in the friendly mid-west anymore, but it seems like even in the time I’ve been living here in Paradise (Tampa Bay Area), people continue to seem more and more agitated every day.

I never even heard of road rage ten years ago. The term “hate crimes” was never heard when I was growing up. Now, it’s all over the radio, television and the big screen. People just seem to walk around in a perpetual angry state.

I guess with all the pressures of life, it’s understandable (apart from a relationship with Jesus Christ). So, what is to be done? Well, today’s reading has some interesting verses having to do with this topic:

1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger.

Have you ever been verbally attacked by someone, but were able to keep your cool and see through to what’s really happening? If you smile and offer a gentle answer in these situations, many times the person immediately softens up and a connection is made. However, when you flare up and send harsh words right back, nothing productive is accomplished and you both go away mad.

Look at another verse from Proverbs 15:

4 Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.

I believe our words have power. They have the power of life and health. You probably know people who have experienced this power. Our words also have the power to destroy. Perhaps you’ve also been crushed by a deceitful tongue.

It’s so much easier to fly off the handle at someone, but a pause before speaking may help to remind us of today’s wisdom. Let’s bring life and health today with our words.

Lord, thank You again for the treasure of Your Word. I ask You to help me today to be aware of the power of my words. Help me to be an encouragement and bring life instead of wrath, in spite of the circumstances I may find myself in. For Your glory, Lord… – amen


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