Our Plans | God’s Plans – Proverbs 16

Our Plans | God’s Plans - Proverbs 16“Life is unfair.” Have you ever heard someone say that? It’s easy to buy in. I’ve seen good things happen to bad people and I’ve seen terrible things happen to good people. I’ve often cried out to God in these times, asking questions about how He can allow these things to happen.

Sometimes, I never get an answer. However, there have been many times when after a few days or weeks go by, I can see the “why”. I sometimes get to witness the building up God is trying to accomplish in someone’s life. When someone goes through trials, their faith is being tested and built up.

I found several of today’s verses in Proverbs 16 that jumped out at me that have to do with our plans and our relationship with our heavenly Father:

1 We can gather our thoughts, but the LORD gives the right answer. 2 People may be pure in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their motives.

With God knowing our hearts and our thoughts, He is not deceived by our outward appearances. Since we cannot know what’s going on in someone’s heart, we make judgements that do not take into account the entire picture. What we see as “unfair” may actually be very warranted.

3 Commit your work to the LORD, and then your plans will succeed.

9 We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

33 We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall.

7 When the ways of people please the LORD, he makes even their enemies live at peace with them.

These verses are very freeing to me. I’m still trying to shed my years and years of performance orientation. When it comes to my relationship with God, I still tend to try and “do” rather than just “be”.

The encouragement for me is how very little we have to do with it. We need to make plans and do our work – but in the end, it’s God who determines our steps. Only when we commit our plans to Him do they succeed. In the end, God can even use our enemies to accomplish His plans for our lives.

That’s certainly a different spin on “life’s not fair”, isn’t it?

Thank You, Lord, that You know our hearts and love us anyway. I know You love me too much to let me stay where I’m at. That’s why I go through trials – to learn and grow. It’s painful, but I want to be more like You. Thank You that I only need to commit my plans to you. Inspire me and motivate me today with the Holy Spirit. Show me those things I need to get rid of and those things I need to pursue. I commit my plans to You today, Lord. For Your glory…amen


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