Road Forks – Proverbs 20

Ever come to a fork in the road of life without a clue which way to go? Then, you pray to God for Him to show you which way you should go. No answer. You pray some more. No answer. Then, you get others to pray and you fast and you cry out to God. Still no answer.

Faced with this situation, I asked a wise friend who said something that has stuck with me since then. He said, “I believe there are times when God presents us with a choice to make on our own. We just need to pick one and He will bless us.”

I don’t know that this advise is based on any Scripture or age-old sage wisdom, but it makes sense. The important thing is, we need to ask Him and then trust Him for the answer. The road is not easy and is filled with danger and turns and forks.

24 How can we understand the road we travel? It is the LORD who directs our steps.

Two questions come to mind as I read this. 1) Do you ask Him for help when you come to a fork in the road? and 2) Do you trust Him after You’ve asked Him?

I remember reading through Samuel and the story of David. Now, there’s a guy that sought answers from the Lord. Particularly in the early days, it seems like David asked God about every decision, both little and small.

God does not hide the answers from us. But, if you’re like me, we fail to seek Him for the answers before we act.


  1. #1 by Alan on October 2, 2008 - 6:38 pm

    Thanks for this. I’ve had a fork standing in my path for the past few years and this really brought me some comfort and encouragement.

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