“The Witnesses” is coming to Tampa!

The Witnesses Musical - Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center - October 13-14, 2007

You may have already heard about it on Spirit FM (www.spiritfm905.com), but “The Witnesses” is coming to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (see http://www.tbpac.com/shows/show.cfm?recordID=1974 for more information) in October, 2007.

If you’re not familiar with the show, this is actually part two of “The Rock & The Rabbi” trilogy, which began in the Tampa Bay area more than 9 years ago. The original show has toured extensively all over America and other parts of the globe.

The most important thing about both of these shows is how they bring the Word of God alive through performing arts. What people think they are getting is a high-quality, broadway-style musical that is both entertaining and inspiring. What they don’t know they are getting is fed by the Word of God. God’s Word is alive and able to change lives simply by hearing. Faith is increased and people are drawn to God just from having witnessed these shows.

Please come out and support the arts and support the spreading of God’s Word.

There are actually two shows in Tampa, only one of which Spirit FM is advertising:

  • Saturday, October 13th – 7:30pm (Spirit FM’s fundraiser show)
  • Sunday, October 14th – 4:00pm

Hope to see you there (I’m the bald guy with the accordion!)…


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