Huge demonstration of God’s Love – Hosea 1

Can you imagine being asked to marry a woman whom you knew would be unfaithful? This is what God asked young Hosea to do – in order for God to demonstrate His disappointment and ultimately reveal His love of the children of Israel.

Background (footnotes):
Hosea was a prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel from 753 to 715 B.C. Under the reign of Jeroboam II, the northern kingdom had prospered materially but had decayed spiritually. The people were greedy and had adopted the moral behavior and idolatrous religion of the surrounding Canaanites.

Hosea’s role was to show how the people of the northern kingdom had been unfaithful to God, their “husband” and provider, and had married themselves to Baal and the gods of Canaan. He warned that unless they repented of their sin and turned back to God, they were headed for destruction.

I guess the meaning of this book causes us each to look at our lives. Have we begun to chase after other loves – money, love, power, recognition, pleasure, stuff? Or, are we faithful to God, completely loyal to Him? Could I do something as uncomfortable, or as sacrificial, as marriage to a woman with such a reputation – if it meant God would be glorified?

Lots to think about today!

grace & peace,

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