First “Christians” – Acts 11


“A Christian is a person who adheres to Christianity, a monotheistic” –

“A believer in Christianity; An individual who seeks to live his or her life according to the principles and values taught by Jesus Christ; Of, like or relating to Christianity or Christians; Kind, charitable ”

“”Christ’s ones,” that is, believers in Christ.”

“A person who believes in biblical person of Jesus who claimed to be God in flesh, died, and rose again from the grave and who lives according to …”

“”The name given by the Greeks or Romans, probably in reproach, to” the followers of Jesus. It was first used at Antioch.”

The term “Christian” was first used in Antioch as described here in Acts 11. I tend to believe the last comment I posted above when it says “probably in reproach”. Yet, the name stuck.

This kind of reminds me how the name “Wildmen” stuck when our band of brothers started meeting on a regular basis, learning how to be godly men, fathers, husbands and servants. The wives of some of the men started encouraging their men to continue attending this men’s group because they liked how their husbands were becoming more like Christ as a result. They coined the term “Wildmen” (based on the “Wild at Heart” study by John Eldredge) and it stuck.

The term “Christian” may have originally been meant as an insult, but today, it identifies those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ.

I am proud to be identified with both the “Wildmen” and the “Christians”.

Thank You, god, for calling me to both. I am forever grateful.

grace & peace,

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