1 Samuel 1 – Answered Prayers

After an extended hiatus, I’m jumping back into dBrag (daily Bible reading accountability group) with a few of my close friends. It’s amazing how easy it is for me to get out of the habit of reading God’s word every day. That tells a lot about myself, huh? The only way I can stay consistent in God’s word is if I know others are counting on me to do it. Oh well, the hope is that doing this long enough it becomes a part of my daily routine.

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE reading God’s word. When I actually sit down and do it, I find it very rewarding and enjoyable. But it seems like the sitting down to do it is the hard part.

Anyway, we decided to jump back in with Hebrews, 1 John through 3 John, then Jude. Much of which I’ve already written about. Then we decided to take a trip through 1 Samuel (one of my favorite OT books).

Follow along if you dare…

1 Samuel 1 –

I found it interesting how God’s word tells more about some people’s birth than others.

We are told of the events leading up to the birth of only a few men in the Bible, Samuel being one. Not exactly sure why in this case. Perhaps because we need an example of answered prayer. Hannah prayed and asked to have a son, even though she was barren. God answered her prayers. Perhaps her spoken request to Eli, the priest, had something to do with it?

The encouragement for me today is to not be afraid to ask God in prayer.

Have a great day,


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