1 Samuel 9 – search for an “ass” is successful

1 Samuel 9 - search for a donkey yields a king

Search for a donkey yields a king

Think of how God worked all this out.

The people demanded a king – against the wishes of God’s prophet, Samuel, against the wishes of God Himself.

So, Samuel sets out on his quest to find a king for the nation of Israel.

Meanwhile (back at the donkey ranch), Saul’s dad happens to lose some donkeys. Saul just happens to be sent out to look for them. Saul just happens to not be able to find them anywhere and is about to give up. Saul’s servant just happens to mention that Samuel is nearby and might know where the donkeys are. They just happen to go there to find Samuel.

Coincidence? Of course not. But to Saul it must have been pretty strange. He even tries to point out that he’s from one of the smallest Israel tribes, the tribe of Benjamin. But God has already told Samuel to be looking out for the man He has chosen for the job. Saul, being a full head taller than others, and handsome, was probably an obvious sight to Samuel.

I’m reminded that God is very intentional and in charge. Even when things seem impossible or leading in the wrong direction, God may be at work. I’m sure Saul wasn’t happy about having to traipse halfway across the countryside in search of a few donkeys – even to the point of the food running out. But look where God was leading him.

You just never know where God may be leading – even if it’s quite uncomfortable or annoying – even if it feels like a wild donkey chase.

PS – I hope you’re all enjoying reading Samuel as much as I am. This should be the next Bible movie, if you ask me.

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