Circumcision of the Heart -Pilippians 3

I find myself back in a dBrag again. We are reading through Philippians and today, it’s chapter 3.

Interesting comments from Paul about the Judaizers. They often called Gentiles “dogs”. Paul throws this name right back at them. His comments about circumcision are due to the fact that the religious Jews felt that you had to be physically circumcised in order to follow God. It was a source of pride. One of Paul’s frequent messages was that God prefers circumcised hearts more than flesh. Paul went as far as to say it was unnecessary and here calls them flesh mutilators because their fleshly circumcision is meaningless as far as God is concerned.

I read somewhere that Paul used clever language here. He took their favorite word “peritome” (circumcision) and changed it to “katatome” (mutilation). I can’t wait to meet Paul some day. I like his style!

How many things do we do “in the name of God” that, because of the condition of our heart, are meaningless? God knows our heart, our motives.



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