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1 Samuel 5 – dagon falls before the ark of God

I probably already mentioned this, but the books of Samuel in the OT are some of my favorite Bible passages. They read like a gladiator movie or Indiana Jones or something.

1 Samuel 5 - Dagon fallen before the ark of God

Dagon fallen before the ark of God - Lego style

I am especially fond of this chapter where the Philistines put the ark of God in their temple next to their Dagon god. In the morning, the Dagon had fallen on its face before the ark. So, the Phillies put Dagon back up. The next morning, same thing – Dagon fell over before the ark, but this time his head and limbs broke off and were lying in the threshold.

After that, they kept moving the ark around because where ever it went, the people of that area were inflicted with terrible devastation like tumors. Finally, they realized it would be better to send it back to Israel.

It got me thinking about what kind of abomination do we carry with us? Is there anything in our lives, or in our homes that is not pleasing to God? Are there things that tempt us that we keep within reach? Maybe there are things that aren’t bad per se, but rob us of time or focus. Perhaps it’s time to send them back to the enemy because they’re causing devastation in our lives.




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